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Your new, better lifestyle starts today with a plan that involves bringing an end to bad routines and starting new, good habits. Sit down with pen and paper and write down what you think needs to change. Now, write down next to each item how you plan to change it. Making that list and being honest with yourself is difficult. People usually want to make excuses and blame their genes or factors outside of their control for feeling washed out, chubby, and tired. In fact, much of what ails Western society is lifestyle-related and many health problems spring from poor choices.

Detoxifying the Body 

What’s the first item on that list? Nothing else matters until your body is cleared of toxic waste. A build-up of chemicals is causing you to feel bloated, to lay down extra fat, and leads to lethargy. You might be in a fog or forgetting things much of the time. It’s time to detoxify the body. I’m not talking about detox from drug addiction or alcoholism. Everyone consumes toxins throughout the day unknowingly. Pollutants outside and in recycled air enter our lungs all the time. Food often carries toxins remaining from the sprays used to prevent insects from eating them. Mold, mildew, and carpeting contribute to personal toxicity.

Detox Ideas

You can cleanse your system with an extreme all-liquid diet for a few days which will leave you clean but tired. If this is your preferred method, choose three days when there is very little stress expected, and you can sleep or watch TV. A long weekend is ideal. The lemonade diet is hard work, and you will feel lighter, but most of what you lose is water, not fat, so don’t get excited. A smoothie detox is easier to handle as smoothies are filling and nutritious, read things like the  Red Smoothie Detox Factor review, for more; but even that can’t last long. Hunger is sure to set in.

Reward the Body

How will you reward yourself? Number two on the list was “eat better.” If this seems like a good time to eat something sugary, guess again — in fact, those cravings might be entirely gone. Expect a dramatic change in cravings. People often want really clean foods after going through a detox. Their diets alter dramatically. Fried food, sugar, refined snacks, and alcohol all nauseate the senses. Your body wants salads, whole grains, lean protein, and lots of water. Reward your newly cleansed system by not reversing all the good you just made; stay away from terrible food.

Food Choices

When choosing protein, opt for items which contain omega fatty acids, like fatty fish. Select chicken breasts and cut away the skin if this part remains. Cook foods in water which has been lightly seasoned or add broth in order to steam, poach, or bake your food. Lay fish on a piece of tin foil. Top with sprigs of parsley and lemon slices. Cover and cook at a moderate temperature until the fish is flaky. Fill a plate with fresh, raw vegetables.

Vegans, read labels, especially where soy is concerned. Stay away from genetically modified examples (GMO). The same goes for nuts, particularly peanuts. If soy and peanuts are organic, you aren’t consuming foods which have been sprayed with chemicals or meddled with in a lab.


A better diet will lighten the mind and body, leading to better focus, more energy, and improved moods. Take advantage of these new sensations and start an exercise program. This was the third thing on your list. Begin with something gentle like yoga or Pilates. Park the car further from your destination or, if possible, walk the whole way. Ride a bike to work. If you already feel good, doing things like these every day contributes to consistently good health. Otherwise, build upon improved fitness with more intense workouts and set goals like going to martial arts and earning a belt, being selected for a casual soccer league, or reaching a certain tension level on the elliptical machine at your gym.

Healthier Living Is Easy

Achieving your goals is painfully simple. You will see, with the list above, how it’s just a matter of being intentional and committed. Most people need a nudge, and the rest is common sense. By following the guidelines above, pre-Diabetic symptoms, symptoms of Diabetes Type 2, heart problems, high blood pressure, joint pain, and mood disorders could all potentially be resolved without medical intervention.

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